Ko’olau Wellness Center has been a long time in the making! Through our many different programs and classes, we are dedicated to providing the opportunities for those in our community to become healthy in the mind, body, and spirit! 



The Hongwanji Temple was built for the Japanese laborers working in the plantation. The building was used to teach Japanese. A new school building was constructed and the foundation for the Hongwanji Language school was established.


After nine different Ministers World War II began and the Hongwanji Language School building was taken over by the Coastal Defense Unit of the Army. Where the temple was voluntarily protected by devoted members. After the war in 1949 the long-postponed temple construction project was reactivated. Kenji Onodera was the architect and Robert M. Kaya was the general contractor. The building being a 2-story structure, with the main church hall being upstairs and the social hall being downstairs (the one we use today).


1952 fully working Temple again, another language school was created using the new social hall for classrooms. From 1949 being 200 members a steady decline happened to 1972 only 90 members and 2004 only being 35 families, to the last service being held December 31, 2012.

Where we are today.

This building is full of rich history where people gathered, prayed, served, learned about language, religion, and culture. With over 6 different organizations, and dozens of wellness experts, we are excited to once again have this building be full of love, learning, gatherings, and community.


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