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At Ko'olau Wellness Center, we offer a variety of classes including Crossfit, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and much more from a variety of different instructors!


Crossfit Koolau

Crossfit Ko’olau offers Crossfit classes, personal training, and nutrition coaching for a variety of fitness and health levels! View their website below for more information on Crossfit Ko’olau’s schedule and pricing.


Zumba- Take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Combining all elements of fitness- cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, you’ll leave each class smiling and feeling energized.

STRONG by Zumba- Powered by the beat! In each class you’ll burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes. Plyometric and explosive moves like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks are interchanged with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing. Bring it on!

Sunrise Sweat Bootcamp- Come show us what you got in this ever-changing, total body blast bootcamp class. Challenge yourself both mentally and physically, finding what you are truly capable of as you boost metabolism and melt body fat. Mixing elements of cardio endurance, strength training, balance, and functional movements this class is sure to guide you in reaching your full fitness potential.

Power Flow Yoga- Learn to let go of anxieties & fears through the power of breath! Get HYPED to move on your mat with music oriented movements finding strength & confidence! This power flow will have you feeling energized and strengthened, both mentally and physically.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga- Focusing on strengthening and stretching, this class is excellent for beginner to intermediate students. Let your instructor guide you through a vinyasa flow, linking posture with breath, beginning with foundational poses. This class is the perfect gentle experience to begin your day. Class themes and ideas are based on seasons and days of the week.

Kick-n-Abs- Unleash! In this fiercely energetic class, and using moves inspired by mixed martial arts, we will kick and jab our way through a killer cardio & core workout. So wake up, kick abs, repeat!

HIGH Fitness- A hardcore, fun fitness class that incorporates interval training with pop music, and intense easy-to-follow fitness choreography. HIGH Fitness produces a high caloric burn and full-body toning through its carefully formulated choreography that alternates between intense cardio peaks and toning tracks.

HIIT- Challenge your body with super effective HIIT training (high intensity interval training). Perform full body movements in short bursts of time to boost metabolism, burn fat and improve athleticism. You choose your difficulty in this class making it suitable for all fitness levels.

HIVA- HIVA Fitness is a Polynesian-inspired dance workout for people of all ages. Shake your hips to the beat and experience the hottest, new workout. There is no right or wrong way to HIVA. It will be the best sweat you’ve had in a long time!

View their site below for pricing, schedules, and online booking.


Children’s Ballet/Jazz offered for ages 3-4, ages 5-7, ages 8-10, and ages 11-14. 

Children’s Tap Dance offered for ages 3-4, and ages 5-12.

Children’s HipHop/FlipFlop offered for ages 3-4, ages 5-7, and ages 8-10.

Children’s World Dance for ages 8-14. 

Adult World Dance and Adult Jazz. 

Break Dance for ages 5-Adult.

Condition and Technique Drop in, all levels.

View their website below to view class schedule, pricing and registration. 


Kids Bullyproof and Women’s Self Defense

MMA Class

Adult Muay Thai



We are proud to introduce Myosynergy Peformance Ko’olau with Chelsea Taylor for all your performance recovery, and massage therapy needs! 
In the race to increase our performance in athletics, work, school, and everyday activities, one of the most overlooked parts is aspect of rest and recovery. Helping our bodies to recover fully and properly are highly valued by any elite athlete and human being. We have partnered with some of the world’s best products, bringing you the 21st century technology to speed up recovery and increase longevity and integrity of our joints, muscles, and tissues.  Recovery is not a luxury, but a vital component to maximize our health and wellness!

View link below to view their services and to book online!


Karina Pearl || Owner

Aloha, my name is Karina Pearl Owner of Pain, Injury and Brain Centers of America, pibcoa. These treatments gave me my life back as I was treated for ptsd, depression, anxiety and autoimmune disorder. I am beyond grateful for this gift.

All I desire and choose to do is pay it forward by making these treatments available to everyone and continue my own wellness journey.

After starting and opening in Las Vegas, I am excited to announce that PIBCOA has made its grand move to Ko’olau Wellness Center in Hawaii! Our growing team is beyond blessed for the opportunity to serve.

At the Pain, Injury and Brain Centers of America LLC, we offer a special treatment only previously used by professional athletes and the financially elite. Performing A.I. Myoneurvascular Therapy, we can effectively increase the body’s ability to heal. We deliver a 95% success rate to our patients. There is very little we do not treat! Come to schedule your free consult and learn of our specials.

More importantly, stay tuned for our testimonials that made this dream possible. We do this because there are too many who woke up today without hope.

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Dr. Jake Simmons of Island Family Chiropractic will be joining the Ko’olau Wellness Center Ohana! Dr. Simmons attended and graduated from the California University of Health Sciences in 2007.  After finishing chiropractic school He was also able to complete an undergraduate degree in exercise science from BYU in Provo, Utah.  Since moving to Hawaii, he has been the chiropractor for all of the sports programs at BYU-H as well as Kahuku High School.  He has also earned a certification in Strength and Conditioning from the NSCA, and is very familiar with athletes and the injuries and stress they go through. He has three active kids, and one more on the way. For more information on appointments, contact us below.

Available for appointments Thursdays 8:00am-12:00pm and 2:00-6:00pm
Please call: (808) 497-1799 to schedule an appointment.
Takes most major insurances, including DMBA, and Chiroplan.

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